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Our Print Media Design Services

One remaining constant for all successful businesses is the need to continually attract new customers.

Need help with a Newsletter, Newspaper, Brochure or Flyer?
or even just help writing content for your project
Blue Moose Design Services has a former Newspaper journalist and publish Authors on staff that can help.


Taditionally one of the tools used to engage an audience in very saturated advertising market. Designing a print ads is complex, you have to convey your message using few words and in single image. Traditional advertising in directories and publications often require you to be listed along with your toughest competitors, with a very high risk of being overlooked. Blue Moose Design Services specifically addresses this problem. Our design services helps to increase visibility and create focus to your advertising.

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A newsletter isn’t just about “news.”

To be effective, it also needs to contain something of such benefit that your readers feel they are getting something they really want and need. A well-designed newsletter will help increase your brand awareness. We use consistent and strategically designed elements, graphics, and original writing to expand your brand presence in the marketplace. Our newsletter designers have experience in content development, editing, and persuasive writing that can help provide the relevant and useful content and articles your targeted prospects and current subscribers want in a newsletter publication. Everyone has his or her own expertise and talents. Our talent is designing business newsletters and corporate communication materials such as newsletters, reports, bulletins and internal publications.

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Good newspaper design is more important today than ever. With shrinking newspaper page size and disappearing advertising revenues, the pressure is on for newspaper designers to become even more sophisticated in their use of the grid, typography, alternate story forms and layouts. Good newspaper design doesn’t cost money, it can actually save money by making your presentation of news more efficient as well as attractive. Graphic presentation is key to a good newspaper. Although content should always determine design, a creative and well-balanced layout of headlines, white space, body type and artwork is essential to a good newspaper. Our design team has has the experience to help you with your newspaper layout.

BusOfYear2010In 2010 The Kettle Falls Focus, Kettle Falls WA asked BMDS to work on the graphics and layout. In 2010, Kettle Falls Focus was honored and recognized for its design, graphics and story layout as ‘Business of the Year’




Looking for a business brochure design that conveys your brand and image? Brochures are an important marketing material for many companies. A well-designed and professional-looking brochure can go along way towards an effective marketing campaign. Our brochure design services include original authentic and perfect modern brochure designs for your business.


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