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Our Photo Restoration Services

Most people have old family pictures which have become faded, cracked, scarred, or have pieces missing. Wouldn't it be great to have those precious old photograph memories restored to their original (or better) condition?

Our digital photo restoration service can repair most damage - restore that stained, scratched, water damaged, moldy, faded or old torn photo. Digital photo repair and photo enhancement can bring special old photographs back to life. An old photo restoration makes a great gift for anniversaries, birthdays, and special occasions such as Mother's Day and Christmas.

Our digital photo restoration services are here to help you preserve these images for generations to come. With our photo retouching services, we can colorize a B&W image, add, change or remove a background or object, repair that old faded picture, or enhance the image and make it the way it was meant to be.

We appreciate the importance of your valuable mementos and take the utmost care in scanning, packaging and handling your photographs.

Your photographs capture a special moment in your family history. 
Don't let the photographs fade away

How the Repair / Reproduction Process Works

The photo editing and restoration process requires three steps: scanning/evaluating, restoration, and output (saving to CD-ROM).

Scanning & Evaluating - The photographic restoration process begins once we receive your original photo when a high resolution digital scan is made of your original. (The original may be either a photo, slide or negative) Once your photo is scanned the original is safely stored and will be returned to you with your newly restored photo. All work is done to the digitally scanned copy of your photo; your original photo is never altered and will be returned to you packaged securely and in the same condition in which it was received. 

Restoration - Once scanned and evaluated, obvious spots, cracks, stains and scratches are removed and the overall color tone and contrast adjusted. Now, with a clear clean digital image more involved restoration and rebuilding can proceed.

Output - saved to CD ready for printing (note... We hope to setup an Online download and review page in the future)

You may be better able to judge the costs of the restoration project by viewing our Portfolio.  We will not proceed without first providing you with a quote and receiving confirmation as to what work you want done. You may also rest assured that we will never alter your original.

Photo Repair / Reproduction Pricing

Every retouching job is unique and must be individually quoted. When you mail/email us your photo, our photo restoration artist will evaluate it and quote how many hours your restoration will take. You are under no obligation until you accept our quoted price. You will know your total restoration cost before work begins.

... As a rough guide ... 
Simple jobs generally take ½ - 3 hours; more complex problems can often take over 6+ hours


Faded sample
(Rollover image to view 
 and After)

In many cases an old family photo just has relatively minor blemishes which are relatively simple to fix and restore to a useable image again.


BMDS can restore contrast and vibrant color to faded photos, remove scratches or bring black and white photographs to life again.

Lower Level 1 (Rollover image to view 
 and After)

Lower Level (Rollover image to view 
 and After)


Heavy damage MAY be possible to repair. If there is enough information remaining in the picture, much of it can be restored or even recreated. This option is far more expensive, and we must be able to see and analyze the damage before any quote for restoration can be made. 30%-60% damage, repair all marks, scratches, discoloration and dirt from photograph.

Heavy Damage1 (Rollover image to view 
 and After)

HeavyDamage2 (Rollover image to view 
 and After)


Compilation is combining two images to create a new single image.

Part A Part B




Sometimes is a matter of removing a person or object

Unwanted Subject (Rollover image to view 
 and After)


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