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Our Graphic Design Services

There was a time when graphic design and illustration were indivisible. Many designers of the 20th century were also illustrators and moved effortlessly between image-making and typographic functionalism. Traditionally, most designers viewed illustration with reverence; many even regarded it as inherently superior to design. And with good reason: design was about the anonymous conveying of messages, while illustration was frequently about vivid displays of personal authorship. Like artists, illustrators signed their work, and some were even public figures.

Illustrators are the individuals who create the pictures in textbooks, storybooks, annual reports, cartoons, advertisements, packaging, posters, and anything else that is enhanced and clarified by artwork.

Today, the lines between Graphics and illustration are blurred. with the technology available both in computer software and within the printing and embroidery areas, Many designs and logos can now be easily printed or embroidered onto a range of products and media.

Blue Moose Design Services
Offers a wide range of experience in graphic design
from Logos to advertising and print media.

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